Mount Styles

A good frame and mount style can compliment your art and improve the overall experience. There are various ways that we can mount your piece and with each using different materials and with a different overall finish.

Choosing the right mount style is often down to the effect you are looking for, the type of art you are framing as well as personal taste. A well thought out combination of frame, mount and mounting style will really enhance a photo, original art or print and give the piece a strong visual identity.

Below is a list of some of the more popular mounting styles and how each can enhance your art.


Suitable if your image has a existing border and just requires being framed straight to the edge.(Dry mounting available to make sure your image stays flat against the glass.)

Window Mount

A cut out window sits on top of your image creating a clean border around your image.(Multiple windows can be cut if needed.)

Float Mount

Suitable if your image has a 'deckled' or torn edge, its is fixed to a mountboard showing all the edges of your image. (This is a reversible method)

Raised Float Mount

Very similar to the standard float mount but your image is raised normally 5mm away from the mountboard creating a shadow around your image and giving it a floating effect. (Needs a frame with at least 25mm depth to work best.)

Canvas Stretching

We can stretch canvases to any size needed. Using standard stretcher bars or custom made oversize stretcher bars. Please use the contact us page with your sizes for a quote.

Certain pieces may need dry mounting to help achieve one of the above looks. (We would never do this without your prior permission.) Please choose a suitable frame for the above choices. If you don’t want the glass directly on your image or you are looking at the float or raised float option. we suggest a frame with a minimum depth of 25mm. Check out our frames section to view some of the pre-finished frames we offer. Along with our raw woods and hand finished frames. We can finish our raw woods with various stains, waxes or oils. We will also hand finish picture frames if you have a particular paint brand you would like to use.

We offer several types of specialist glazing:

  • UV Glass: Offers 99% UV protection.
  • Anti Reflective Glass: Offers the highest level of clarity and transparency. (Invisible glass.)
  • Museum Glass: The ultimate glass offering a combination of the above 99% UV protection with amazing clarity.
  • Cast Acrylic Glass: Also know as perspex ideal for where safety is needed also for very large artworks. Lightweight.
  • Scratch resistant UV acrylic Glass: Has a UV blocking coating absorbing 99% of UV radiation and a scratch resistant coating.
  • Museum Acrylic Glass: Offers the same as the above but comes with anti reflective features for maximum clarity.(Mainly used in museums worldwide.)

All framing is conservation standard all materials used are acid free (PH neutral) and all our timber is sourced responsibly. Most of the wood we use are FSC certified.

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