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A virtual tour of HF Framing, Wimbledon

Nov 30, 2020

 3 minute read

Many of our clients will be keen to take a look behind the curtain and see exactly how we work and the tools we use at our Wimbledon framing studio to frame your photographs, prints, artwork and memorabilia. Whenever possible we always like to invite customers into the workshop to see exactly how we plan to work with your art. Even at the best of times this can be tricky simply due to the nature of the equipment we use. There are often sharp tools, machinery, glass and obviously client's artwork in the workshop so we need to make sure the studio is safe before we invite anyone in.

The Coronavirus pandemic has added a vitally important extra level of concern to inviting clients to the workshop. Unfortunately we won't be able to invite clients in to meet us at the workshop but at least we can show you around, here, and explain how we work.

All of the framing we do is done in the studio using a range of tools and machinery, time, love and a heap of experience. One of the most basic tools we employ is the humble mitre joint. This simple jig allows us to cut accurate 45° and 90° angles in all our frame stock. Once the frame moulding has been cut to size we join them together with glue using a framer's clamp. The glue sets very hard and creates a strong and stable corner to the frame. We then pin each corner with a steel wedge that holds the corner firm while the glue sets.

Once the main frame is done we move on to cutting the glass or acetate that will cover the art as well as a mount board to frame the item and a backing board. All are cut to the exact size required and are dropped into the waiting frame along with the original art. This final assembly process is always done by hand on one of our large workbenches and involves cleaning all of the components and making sure that they all marry together perfectly. Once the work has been frames it will then be wrapped for delivery or storage if the client is due to collect it.

The space we have in the studio means that we can frame a job quite quickly because we have the vast majority of the things we need (a vast range of picture frame styles, mount boards, glass etc) close to hand. It makes the whole process both quick and efficient.

If you'd like to talk to us about your next framing project please feel free to contact us at our Wimbledon picture framing studio and we look forward to discussing your requirements.

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